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SGRInspection services accommodate to your specific needs and security! Contact SGRInspection to secure your imports with product inspections and factory audits.
Our Price (All-Inclusive),Anywhere in China!
We offer a big discount for our VIP clients who book regular inspections and have been worked with us for an extended period of time

HongKong - SGRInspection offices

       Unit 04,7/F,Bright Way Tower,No.3 Mong Kok Road,Kowloon,HongKong +852 27935511

Contact SGRInspection offices

China Room 606-608, Huisen Building, 107 National Highway, Nanchen District, 52300, Dongguan, China
Telephone: +86 769 8978 9821    Cell phone:+86-18815006089

Contact SGRInspection in Asia for customer service(HongKong&Guangdong)
Telephone: +86 769 8978 9821

Europe Contact SGRInspection in Europe for customer service
USA Contact SGRInspection in USA for customer service

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