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Toys & Sundry goods Inspection

Toy, stationery and sports products, many countries have created specific safety regulations for these kinds of products, especially those made for children, are safe, usually through the application of set safety standards. for example, USA toy safety standard:ASTM F963. All manufacturers ensure their products meet the related local standard of the exporting destinations, if not they would pay big price for the consequence that caused by their product defects, improper design and inadequacy material.

Dedicated engineers ensure that the inspections on site are properly performed and finalize a clear report which explains and illustrates all details.

We will arrange professional engineers, ensuring that the inspections on site are properly performed and finalize a clear report which explains and illustrates all details. We can check packaging, Safety function, Structure and appearance, Performance parameters,
Original / accessories, color, size and measurements, marking, labeling, illustration, instruction manuals, accessories, bar codes, the aesthetics/appearance of your goods, Some common major- and minor defects, depending on the severity of the defect and the client’s wishes, we can also assist you with.

Service Items:
  • PSI to ensure the product meets your specifications and solve problems before shipment
  • PPI to avoid quality-related surprises, ensure understanding of your specifications &products
  • DPI to improve quality during mass production
  • PM to ensure quality and improve processes
  • CLC to ensure punctual & securely loaded SI to sort out all the most important defects

Factory Audit: to see if your supplier is legal and Confirm your factory has the production capacity and ensure quality.
Social Audit: to protect employees and your brand.
C-TPAT Audit: to improving the security of private companies' supply chains.

Advantages and expertise
  • Textile, Apparel & Garments
  • Shoes & footwear
  • Bags and suitcases&Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Home textile
  • bedding&hats
  • Fabric & yarn
  • Leather products
  • Rubber & Latex products
  • Furniture & furnishings
  • Home wares
  • Building material
  • Porcelain & ceramics
  • Gifts and premiums
  • Handicrafts
  • Hygiene and body care
  • Jewelry & watches
Electrical & Electronic
  • Consumer Electronic
  • Toys & Recreational Items
  • Domestic appliances & Lighting
  • Audio & Video products
  • Kitchen wares
  • IT & Telecommunication equipment
  • Testing Equipment
Luxury goods
  • Packaging
  • Jewelry & accessories
  • Premium Hand Bags & Textile

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