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Many thanks for SGRinspection,We often back and forth to China to see my products when cooperation with you before,But still could not avoid the many problems,Cooperate with you, I can see the perfect quality, and enhance our product brand , to give you quality control, I rest assured, thank you very much
-Mr. S.Patrick, Project Director,Italy

To take this opportunity to thank SGRINSPECTION, your professional and perfect service, including the comprehensive and rich details in each report, all are what we need. Look forward to your continued service, I would strongly recommend to my friends and colleagues.
-Mr. Michael, CEO of importer & wholesaler of bags, USA

CTION got the immediate effect, I told our agents and factories about you, they all surprised. For the sake of our common promotion, they also paid a lot, But failed to have satisfactory effect. Now we won’t worry about the quality control in China with the helps from SGRINSPECTION comprehensive service .
-Mr. A.Hubert, CEO of TCA Furniture in Australia

The SGRINSPECTION help us completely control the quality of clothing, shoes, bags to the current furniture, lighting products ect. They sent professional inspectors to our service, we need a trustworthy partner, The SGRINSPECTION help us control the production, they have proved to be very effective, Their service allows us to prevent the problems before they occur, with them, our business is much safer in Asia under the help of SGRINSPECTION.
-Mr. L.Brandon,Quality Manager,
Leading supplier of apparel & home textiles,Singapore

Thank you for the Social Audit and C - TRAP Audit with our factory. We are satisfied with your professional and service, We look forward to continue working with SGRInspection! "We look forward to continue to cooperate with SGRINSPECTION
-Mr. D. Jonathan, Project Director
Leading French importer of lamps & lighting equipmen

ed your report today. We feel shocked by your serious and careful services. in Asia, we worry about the qualities and details of many productions. we can't estimate a lot of risk and the high cost. Your service make us feel that you do protect ourselves and our business interests.
-Mr. M. Benjamin, Purchasing Manager, European leader in Footwear products

Dear SGRInspection
During these days in China, I have personally seen your inspection personnel to check our products, They have professional knowledge and good communication skill. I am so glad to cooperation with you. Now we give you this project that the electronic and electrical appliances and hope your service as good as before. Thank you for your cooperation, if you have any question, please keep in touch with us.
-Mr. De.Leonard,
CEO of a leading Baby product company, North America

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